Helping average Citizens become better than average Defenders

Why Choose FAITH?

Simply put … It is about our students and not making a quick buck.  Each student is a priority both while in training and follow up support.

Class sizes are restricted so that personal one-on-one skill development is assured.


“Courage is being scared to death – and saddling up anyway.” – John Wayne

Commitment of FAITH

We don’t just stand by our word … we stand by you.

We use proven techniques & demonstrated skills to ensure your training prepares you to be a Defender.

Whether it is in the Class, In the Home, On the Range, or on the Phone … you will find Trust, Respect, & Integrity in all that we do.



“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” – Wyatt Earp

Are "Preppers" Crazy?

This is not about SHTF or TEOTWAWKI.  Your faith & duty requires you to take the right steps to be prepared for yourself, your family and even your community.  This requires skills, knowledge, time & resources.


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Moral & Lawful Defense

You got a gun … now what?  FAITH will not only help you survive a crisis but also survive what comes AFTER the crisis.  It is YOUR job to know right from wrong and the LAW.


“It’s a hell of a thing, killin’ a man.  You take away everything he ever had and ever would have.” – Clint Eastwood

FAITH Preparedness

FAITH Armament

FAITH Defense