Faith by Course

Resources to help you start your FAITH journey.

PREPAREDNESS – Missouri CERT Training

PREPAREDNESS – Church Community Crisis Teams (C3 Teams)

PREPAREDNESS – At Home & Outside the Home Preparedness

PREPAREDNESS – Overcoming the Rule of 3’s

PREPAREDNESS – Defender Trauma Response

ARMAMENT – Right First Time: New Gun Ownership

DEFENSE – Missouri CCW Certified Training: Sponsored by USCCA

DEFENSE – Church Security & Preparedness

DEFENSE – Getting to Know Your Firearm: Fundamentals & Mechanics

DEFENSE – Home Defense & Outside the Home Defense

DEFENSE – Self Defense Tips for the Physically Limited or Disabled

DEFENSE – Practical Defender Skills: Pistol I & II

DEFENSE – Practical Defender Skills: Carbine I & II

DEFENSE – Practical Defender Skills: Shotgun I & II

ALL CATEGORIES – Personal 1-on-1 Training

ALL CATEGORIES – Tailored Group Training