Instructor Certifications, Training & Experience

Glock Armorer

Glock Operator

Combat Focused Training I

Combat Focused Training II

IPSC/IDPA Competition

USCCA – CCW Instructor

USCCA – Self Defense for Women

NRA – Pistol Instructor

NRA – Refuse to be a Victim Instr.

NRA – Chief Range Safety Officer

SASS Cowboy Action Armorer

Carbine I – Intro

Carbine II – Intermediate

Carbine III - Advanced

Combat Trauma/First Responder

3-Gun Competition

USCCA – Pistol Instructor

USCCA – Trauma, CPR & First Aid

NRA – Rifle Instructor

NRA – Protection in the Home

M16/AR15/AR10 Armorer

Shotgun Armorer

Pistol I – Intro

Pistol II – Intermediate

Pistol III - Advanced

Low-Light Training

2-Gun Competition

USCCA – Active Shooter Defense

Stop the Bleed–Trauma & First Aid

NRA – Shotgun Instructor

NRA –Protection Outside the Home

SIG Sauer Armorer

Colt 1911 Armorer