Be Prepared

How can we serve you for personal, home, & church PREPAREDNESS in uncertain times?

Trainings Offered

Missouri CERT Training

Know what to do when DISASTER strikes your Community. 

(Tornado, Flooding, Fire, Power Outages, Evacuation, Pandemic)

Church Community Crisis Teams (C3 Teams)

Community response to provide food, shelter & spiritual guidance

At Home - Preparedness

Be prepared on any budget – $5/wk – Start NOW

Your family counts on you – What’s your readiness level

(1 week – 1 month – 1 quarter – 1 year)

Outside the Home - Preparedness

What to do if you and/or your family members are away when DISASTER strikes

Other Information

Overcoming the Rule of 3’s

  • 3 Seconds – Without HOPE
  • 3 Minutes – Without AIR
  • 3 Hours – Without SHELTER
  • 3 Days – Without WATER
  • 3 Weeks – Without FOOD

Defender Trauma Response

  • First Aid/CPR
  • “Stop the Bleed”
  • Trauma Response Kit & Usage
  • Hands-on, Applied Training

Personal 1-on-1 and tailored group training sessions are also available


Contact us in advance to let us know how we can accommodate your specific needs